Modern PR for Brands with Passion™

Whether you’re a corporation or a nonprofit with a dedicated community, or
a company with a foundation or scholarship program, one thing’s for sure:
Traditional PR companies probably don’t understand how to pitch you to the media
and get you the attention you deserve.

Here at Scatena Daniels, we work with brands who are making a difference by helping them get their message out to the world.
Whether it’s media coverage, social media promotion, or community outreach, we focus on what reaps the best return on investment.

Choosing the right PR firm for your brand, cause, or company can mean:

Getting the funding you need to open that new division of your foundation
Raising awareness and action for
your social cause
Positioning your corporation as a subject matter expert in the media
Showcasing why what you do matters and how others can join you
 Getting featured on the news channels and media outlets that can catapult your cause or company to a whole new level

(Just think of what a local feature could mean for getting more volunteers, donors, customers, and social shares!)

Are you ready to find out what PR with purpose can mean for your company, nonprofit, or corporation?

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