PR With Purpose for Brands with Heart

What kind of impact could you make if thousands of people in your local region knew about your product, program, service, or social campaign?

How would your business change if potential donors and clients sought you out instead of the other way around, thanks to a stellar feature on the local TV news, a radio interview, or a write up in the newspaper?

What would it feel like if you became the go-to media expert in your field and your organization was known in the community as the go-to cause for your chosen passion?

Sound like a far-fetched dream?

These are the results we get for our clients everyday and we can help you do the same.

We’re Scatena Daniels – a PR Firm for brands with big ideas, big hearts, and big passion. We believe in changing the world: one client campaign at a time. We partner only with companies and nonprofits doing great work in the community and those making a difference.

When you work with Scatena Daniels we guarantee our commitment and dedication to seeing your campaign through. Our combination of know how and get it done spirit paired with our heartfelt purpose is your secret weapon to getting known, liked, and trusted by your future clients, partners, and media relationships.

Our PR Services are not a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all approach. When you work with us, you get customized strategy paired with more than 50 years of combined experience. If we had to sum up what you get in just one word it would be: RESULTS.

Our clients see increased awareness, donations, ticket sales, interview requests, volunteer engagement and much more.

They can tell you more in their own words:

“Scatena Daniels delivers on its promises: a creative, hardworking team garnering excellent results.”

“They immediately impressed us with their amazing organizational skills, professionalism and creativity.”

“Scatena Daniels has gone above and beyond our expectations to lead the San Diego Blood Bank’s media outreach strategy for Chargers Drive XXXVI.”

“The amount of media our company received has been nothing short of incredible.”

PR is Media Driven

Our relationships with the media are a golden opportunity for you to get in front of the right people. When it comes to media relationships, it is about who you know and who you have relationships with. We are very connected to our partners, some of whom we grew up together with in the industry. Here’s what our some of our media partners have to say:

“I know that when I receive an email from Scatena Daniels that the information will be relevant, accurate and newsworthy.”

“I sincerely appreciate your ability to so deftly field my last-minute curveball.”

“You are a dream to work with. You make my job easier and I appreciate you.”

Whether you’re a nonprofit looking to launch a new fundraising campaign or the Foundation of a large corporation, we can get eyes on your brand and help set you apart in a crowded industry. Because let’s get real – there’s only so much attention span to go around, and lots of companies are clamoring to get their 15 minutes in the limelight. Let us help you show up the right way so you don’t become yesterday’s news, but instead stay today’s expert.

PR with Purpose is Different

Scatena Daniels pairs hustle, grit, and professionalism with heartfelt passion for causes which are purposeful and meaningful. But make no mistake: Even though we’re softies for causes that matter, we’re strong in our purpose and focus and are competitive in our approach to getting our clients featured. In other words: we’re not just sitting pretty with your campaign, we’re shouting with our megaphones and getting you the attention you deserve.

Love with the Heart, Lead with the Head.

We get excited about great causes, but we’re also master tacticians. After we get fired up about your cause we put on our collective thinking caps to create mind blowing strategy that is progressive, unique, and effective. We have all the traditional PR tactics in our arsenal, but we’ve also got the magical powers of being able to turn on a dime, make big shifts, and swoop in and save the day when needed.

We believe companies and nonprofits deserve a voice to advance their mission and cause. Our expertise and professional PR service gives clients an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the noise and competition while making a big impact in their industries and the media.

Here are just a Few of the Ways We Can Help You:

Media Relations – Getting known, liked, and trusted is often a delicate dance between getting your brand seen by the right people and getting those people to understand why it’s worth sharing with the world. We can get your story out to those influencers.

Event Promotion – Have a big event and want the big players to take notice? You need a team who knows how to get attention and keep it before, during, and after the big day. Our event promotion PR services get tickets sold, attendees in seats, and cameras rolling.

Reputation Management – Life happens sometimes. Now more than ever it’s so important to address crisis issues immediately and move quickly to make repairs. Our laser quick turnaround times and great relationships with our media partners is the lifeline you’re looking for.

We also offer:

Since each project we work with is completely customized to your needs, the best way to find out if we’re the right team for you is to schedule a consultation call. We can discuss the next steps and let you know if we can help get your brand recognized as a thought leader and expert in your cause.

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