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Mama's Kitchen

Making 'food is medicine' a daily mantra


Scatena Daniels has represented Mama’s Kitchen for over a decade and is our agency’s longest-standing client. Established in 1990, Mama's Kitchen is a San Diego-based community-driven nonprofit organization that provides nutrition services to improve the lives of women, men, and children vulnerable to hunger due to HIV, cancer, and other critical illnesses, including congestive heart failure and Type 2 diabetes. Scatena Daniels is responsible for promoting the agency’s various initiatives, major fundraising events, and memorable meal delivery milestones.


To raise public awareness of the nutrition education and services Mama's Kitchen provides year-round to ultimately encourage financial donations and volunteering, boost event attendance, and to increase the number of clients they serve.


Over the years, our team has positioned Mama's Kitchen as a reliable, inspirational thought leader that can speak to a variety of topics in health and nutrition at a moment's notice. Media outlets throughout San Diego know they can call on Mama's Kitchen for an interview whether it be for a discussion on AIDS, home meal delivery, or the importance of volunteering for a nonprofit. Through our strategic media outreach and coverage, Mama’s Kitchen has seen an increase in donations, volunteers, and event attendance. Whenever Mama's Kitchen is seen on TV, heard on the radio, and featured in a local newspaper, the phones start ringing for more information on how the public can get involved.

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