Who We Are

When your brand is making a difference in the world, you deserve a PR Firm with the know how and drive to get you in the spotlight.

Our Story

It all began when we realized there was a clear need in the industry for professional PR services for corporations and nonprofits who are doing social good. It’s not that there weren’t people doing PR for these companies, but we noticed they weren’t leveraging their good deeds to build their bottom-line.

We found most nonprofits had huge missions but low reach in the media because no one was telling their story the right way – the purposeful way that would reach the hearts of those reading, watching, or listening.

We also met several corporations who were doing amazing things: like giving $10 million away yearly through their company’s foundation or providing community scholarships to kids in need, yet they were the unsung heroes no one was talking about. These companies were the underdogs and yet they were the ones doing so much good in their communities. This got us thinking:

  • What if we created a PR firm focused solely on these purpose-driven projects?
  • What kind of impact could we have if we helped socially-responsible companies get their message out to the media and get the attention their good deeds deserved?
  • What if we created a PR firm that only worked with clients whose mission and vision matched ours: Purposeful projects helping the community and benefiting others.

That’s when Scatena Daniels was born. What began as just our two founding partners: Denise Scatena and Arika Daniels in 2009 quickly grew to a diverse, passionate team. Our office is located in sunny San Diego, Calif., and our media impact is nationwide.

Not Your Average PR Firm

You’re not an average PR client when you’ve got a cause to share, and you deserve an exceptional PR team.

We have a team of core individuals who will be with you every step of the way through your campaign. We also have a roster of the best professionals available when we need them for photography, design, video production, or event management. We select our partners based on experience as well as like minded passions. This means you get the best of both worlds: a full-service PR team with the experience to get your brand seen, and access to some of the top professionals in the field worldwide.

PR Is a Partnership

When it comes to PR, especially for mission-driven companies, we believe our true partnerships with our clients set us apart from the pack. Working with causes and community-minded companies is not a pet project we do on the side. This is our 100% focus and we take our relationships seriously. We work in collaboration with our clients and do our best work for you when we have a seat at your table.

If there’s one thing we know it’s PR is a process – there are many building blocks that come together to create a pitch, and getting media attention takes time. But, we also know that PR can be life changing for our clients.

PR can mean the difference between remaining stuck in a rut and getting the attention that can forever change the course of your business or cause.

PR is fun, exciting, and totally addicting. Just wait until you see your brand featured on the news for the first time.

Are you ready for PR?

Maybe right now you can relate:

Maybe you’re a corporation and while you can appreciate the business as usual approach to PR for your corporate work, you know if you’re going to get known for your good deeds you need something different. Something with a little more purpose, passion, and a lot of persistence.

You’re a nonprofit with a big heart and message, but whenever you inquire about PR, you get brushed off since you aren’t selling a product that can be easily compartmentalized and pitched in a one size fits all structure.

You need help raising money and awareness for your brand or cause but you aren’t sure how to go about getting seen. You don’t want to DIY your campaign, but you just aren’t sure traditional PR firms will “get” what you’re doing.

Working with us means you will…

  • Have a team with more than five decades of experience behind our hustle.
  • Access to PR pros who are as passionate about your project as you are.
  • Receive a high-level service with robust reporting so you not only know that you’re campaign is working, but how well.
  • A team who works alongside you to make sure your strategy is in line with your vision and goals. In other words, we’ll take a seat at the table and help keep you focused.
  • An advocate who will explore all potential outcomes and look out for your best interests – always.

In short, when you work with Scatena Daniels you get a PR Firm with hustle, heart, and persistence.

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